Reception Desk


A team of Green Opportunities students was tasked with designing and building a custom desk for the entry of the Edington Center. The desk needed to blend in with the aesthetic of the newly renovated center (formerly known as the Reid Center) while still acknowledging the history of the building. 

Students began the design process with simple sketches that evolved into scale models and eventually the two-tiered, semi-circle shape. This allows ample work space but also creates a focused center for the entry of the building. The main building material was reclaimed spruce lumber from the Aston Towers renovation and glass blocks from the Reid Center.

The final product was a beautiful, one-of-a-kind desk that tells a story in itself. It reflects not only the history of the building which means so much to the Southside community, but also illustrates the creativity and drive of the students striving to make positive changes in their lives.

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Below you can see photographs that document how the desk was built step by step .